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Links and Resources

Here is a list of useful resources for musicians and students:

Supplies and Teaching Aids:

A comprehensive and reliable online store for strings, accessories, sheet music, and teaching materials.

Violinist Steve McMillan's revolutionary and individualized approach to violin support also dramatically enhances tone and resonance.

The String Emporium offers the widest variety of strings at the lowest prices, with knowledgeable support and great customer service.

Creators of the Bow Hold Buddy and other products for promoting a proper bow hold.

Fort-Worth based , family-run instrument and supplies shop. Inventors of the ORIGINAL Foamalin. 

Sheet Music:

The constantly growing International Music Library Project hosts over 525,000 public domain scores, as well as 1000's of recordings, books, and treatises on music, free to peruse and download.

This online shop boasts "the world's largest sheet music selection," shipped internationally or available for download. Please check out my string quartet arrangements HERE .

One of the few remaining independently-owned sheet music purveyors in the country. While they do take online and phone orders, there is nothing like spending an afternoon browsing.

Same as above, operates mainly by mail order and by appointment. Owner Rob Bethel is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in locating hard-to-find sheet music at reasonable prices.

Notation Software, Arrangements and Original Compositions:

Download professional free software to create, play, and print sheet music. The site also features a vibrant community of composers and arrangers who share their work and provide valuable feedback. Check out my arrangements HERE

Virtual Learning:

A growing database of video masterclasses taught by world renowned pedagogues and instrumentalists, as well as valuable online courses on entrepreneurship and other topics. 

Career Planning:

Angela is the author of "Beyond Talent" - the bible for career management - in addition to being an inspiring coach and resource for accomplishing your goals as a professional musician.  


Official website for the Suzuki Method and philosophy of early music training and talent education.

A consortium of higher education, and independent musicians and scholars interested in all disciplines of music, the College Music Society promotes teaching and learning, creativity and expression, research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction.

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