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Instructor Bio

As educator, Dr. Geronimo Oyenard has been on faculty at the Norman School for Strings, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts Community Music School, the James Chamber Players Summer Festival, the Performing Arts Institute of Virginia, Bluefield College, and was a sabbatical replacement for Professor Hal Grossman at the University of Oklahoma (spring, 2017).

As the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra’s Strings Instructor (2009-11), Dr. Oyenard created and directed Suzuki-inspired violin programs for Franklin County and Salem City Public Schools, taught underprivileged students for the Friends of the RSO, coached the Roanoke Youth Symphony, judged its annual concerto competition, and taught at the Summer Music Institute at Ferrum College. As Artist-in Residence for Franklin County Public Schools (2011-14), Dr. Oyenard directed an in-school violin program that taught Appalachian violin literature to over 60 elementary and middle-school children every week. More information on the genesis, philosophy, and curriculum of the Franklin County Violin Program can be found in early posts of the BLOG section. A selection of newspaper articles covering the program can be found HERE. 

A certified Suzuki instructor, Dr. Oyenard has taught for the Lynchburg City Schools Suzuki Program (2014-16), and is currently a Teaching Artist for the Dallas Symphony’s burgeoning El Sistema-based Young Musicians program. He is also an upper strings instructor for the Plano, Frisco, and Rockwall Independent School Districts and accepts private students of all ages and levels. 

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"I had the opportunity to take violin lessons from Dr. Geronimo Oyenard for about three years. Dr. Oyenard is an amazing teacher with advanced knowledge of music, particularly violin. He is a patient, kind, knowledgeable, and punctual teacher who is always available and patiently improves his students' learning objectives.

In my case, I wanted to learn classical Persian music. Dr. Oyenard was skilled and patient enough to help me do so. During the years that I was Dr. Oyenard's student, I learned more about violin and performance than ever before.  Dr. Oyenard is an outstanding virtuoso and a thorough resource for any scholar of music and violin."

Amir Farzaneh - Attorney at Law (Moore, OK)

"Already from his time as my assistant at UNCSA, it was clear to me that Mr, Oyenard 's teaching is extraordinarily lucid and effective. Recently I have been impressed by his fine preparation of his students auditioning for admission to the violin major program at UNCSA. "


Kevin Lawrence

Chair, String Department, UNCSA

Artistic Director, Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival

" Mr. Oyenard is at the top of the list of sought-after music pedagogues. His service to students of all ages is a vital contribution to our community."


Scott Williamson

Artistic Director, Opera Roanoke

" Geronimo Oyenard has been active with the Roanoke Youth Symphony and with the Friends of the Symphony as a coach and mentor, making a difference in the lives of young African American and Hispanic musicians with the symphony throughout our region."


David Stewart Wiley

Conductor, Roanoke Symphony Orchestra

" Geronimo is one of our most outstanding alums, whom I delightedly taught and kept in touch over the years, following his successful career path as it developed. A talented artist wearing many high-quality hats, he balances his multiple teaching jobs as an in-demand violin and viola instructor teaching students of every level, with performing positions with numerous symphony orchestras, as well as high-profile solo and chamber music engagements in the U.S, and abroad. He has grown from a mature student to a fellow artist-teacher himself in charge of the challenging task of encouraging scores of children and adults to become interested and adept at classical music. He is a real positive force in our field, as great violin teachers who can effectively teach the fundamentals of the instrument at a young age, as well as guide their development all the way through college and beyond are few and far between!"

Sheila Browne -  Viola Faculty, Tianjin-Juilliard

"By combining the solid foundations of these long-standing classical approaches with the rich and accessible repertoire native to South-West Virginia, plus Mr. Oyenard' s knowledge, experience and talent as a teacher, his students are getting an exposure to music that is vital to American culture, Mr. Oyenard's approach is an integrated one, as he carefully crafts his curricula in accordance with the Virginia Standards of Learning. Therefore, the repertoire and physics of violin playing are related to core subjects such as History, Science, Math, and English, and thus improve the general academic performance of his students, and turns them into well-rounded, culturally sensitive individuals. His versatility as a teacher of all ages and levels have made him a highly in-demand, quality instructor whose presence is vital to the community,"

Amos Lawrence -  Concertmaster, Brookline Symphony Orchestra

" Mr. Oyenard is a legendary teacher whose creativity and innovations have earned him the affection and gratitude of countless young people and their parents. He created the Franklin County Violin Program, a model initiative that, in my opinion, deserves national attention for its scope and efficacy in providing free string lessons to students in this underserved district, while implementing the rich tapestry that constitutes the musical heritage of Southwest Virginia. This program would not exist without Mr. Oyenard’s tireless and visionary determination to enrich the lives of young people with his love and passion for music."

Steven White -  Conductor, Metropolitan Opera

"The schools engaged in his program are a strong testimonial to what Mr. Oyenard is contributing to an underserved constituency in his community. This is an exciting curriculum for early musical training. Mr. Oyenard's students' diverse accomplishments thus far (joining youth symphony orchestras, playing alongside bluegrass bands) are proof of the program's effectiveness and cultural value as a whole. 

I strongly believe in the path-breaking educational work Mr. Oyenard has developed in order to stimulate public school music education. The success of this grass roots program in Roanoke holds a unique promise for generating a special bond between parents and their children through this multi-cultural musical curriculum and promises to re-open the door to the most organic approach to socialization, the making of music together. We need dedicated educators, especially ones who have dynamic ideas for the creative arts in early education." 

Jorja Fleezanis -  Former Concertmistress, Minnesota Orchestra

Violin Faculty, Indiana University

"In an age of competing after-school activities and over-scheduled children, Mr. Oyenard takes music into the classroom and makes it an integral part of the curriculum. The program emphasizes the importance of an early start and shows a remarkably high retention rate. This marks a stark contrast with results found in band instruments, where instruction begins in middle school and is characterized by limited repertoire and low retention rates. All of these factors make Mr. Oyenard’s unique approach to teaching deserving of widespread praise and support."

Felicia Moye -  Former Concertmistress, San Francisco Symphony

"During my years living in Blacksburg, VA, I never witnessed violin instruction equal to Mr. Oyenard’s caliber and quality. I forwarded many of my private students to him, and they continued to grow as musicians until their graduation from high school. Mr. Oyenard plays a crucial part in preparing highly talented violin and viola students for college auditions, which facilitates the recruitment process.

The breadth and scope of his musical and pedagogical knowledge and experience make Mr. Oyenard an exceptionally effective teacher. He is equally adept at teaching young children through his unique approach by blending Classical violin pedagogy with indigenous repertoire, as well as coaching orchestral violinists and violists of all levels, and preparing young artists on the verge of a professional career in music."

Akemi Takayama

Concertmistress, Williamsburg Symphonia; Faculty, Shenandoah Conservatory

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